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Temporary structures like scaffolding can be a vital part of the construction industry in Corby, giving you a way to provide extra support and working platforms to the experts involved. Of course, this also means that the scaffolding industry is very varied, with a lot of different scaffold structures on offer depending on your niche.

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Finding the right scaffolding for each situation in July 2024 is not just a matter of preference. A lot of scaffolding is designed to provide stability in specific ways, aid with certain types of construction, or even hold particular types of equipment. Whether you are supporting structures or keeping scaffolding erected as a way to move equipment quickly, you want scaffolding that suits your needs.

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Who are The Scaffolding Company?

The Scaffolding Company are a Corby team of advanced scaffolders drawing on experience from all across the construction industry. We offer a huge range of scaffolding options in Northamptonshire to support work of almost any kind, ensuring that construction, repairs, dismantling, and more complex engineering tasks can all be carried out safely.

Our scaffolding is suitable for many different uses, offering a supporting structure to help with a wide variety of tasks. We pour as much relevant experience and technical skill as possible into each of our scaffolding options.

Why Use Us?

We aim for the highest possible quality in every single Corby scaffolding project we take on, dedicating our best equipment and resources to creating scaffolds worth using. Every single scaffolding structure we have erected has been designed for maximum stability, ease of assembly, and overall safety.

We have a lot of experience in the construction industry and understand how a scaffolding structure will be used on a worksite. Every one of our scaffolds is designed to ensure that specialists, labourers, and other experts can complete their jobs without risking their own safety or the quality of their work.

Accredited Scaffolding Company

We have earned a range of professional accreditation for our working platforms. Each one follows relevant regulations, and we make sure that each assembled scaffold undergoes as much inspection as possible to prevent accidents or quality issues.

Scaffolding Hire Corby

Our scaffolding hire options are all suitable for a huge range of different purposes, allowing us to have scaffolding ready for any situation. Whether you need a scaffold structure for employee safety or just need extra scaffolding to support brickwork, we can give you easy access to countless types of scaffold structure.

We can provide scaffolds for all kinds of different situations, keeping our customers covered across a wide variety of different tasks and jobs. Everything, from the dimensions of the scaffolding to the kind of platform the scaffolds support, can be tailored to suit a client’s needs and provide better overall scaffold support.

Why Scaffold Structures?

Scaffolds are a valuable part of construction as a whole, providing a fixed (usually) platform to work from at a height. Even the most basic bamboo-and-sheeting scaffolding provides a huge benefit, with a simple bamboo structure giving you a raised surface to stand on.

Our scaffolds are far from basic bamboo designs. While the same “bamboo tube” design persists throughout most designs, the weakness of classic bamboo or wood scaffolding has been outpaced by more modern, durable options.

Whether you want conventional bamboo-style scaffolding or something more specific, our Corby scaffold platforms can serve as an additional support surface, keeping employees or contractors safe during more complex pieces of work.

Temporary Structures

Scaffolds are useful temporary structures that can be fixed in place for only a short amount of time, meaning that they do not get in the way of future work on the same property. This allows them to be suitable for almost any kind of work, offering a short-term work surface that can often be reconfigured or moved as needed.

We can provide the ideal scaffolds for your specific needs, helping you search through our available options to find whichever type is most suited to your situation. This search does not usually take long – scaffolding is incredibly versatile, and any type can be used almost anywhere with enough planning.

As Scaffold Users

As a scaffold user and one of our Corby customers, you can expect excellent treatment, easy hire options and fair prices. We want to make sure that we are always offering the best possible scaffold options for each client, no matter how specific your requirements might be.

Scaffolding is an important part of a lot of industries and their related projects, so having a good option on standby can be the difference between saving time and money or having to expand your own budgetary limits. Our scaffolding is meant to be a problem-solver, and we work with each customer to ensure that they can get the results (and scaffold) that they want.

Corby Scaffolding Costs

Prices are always a tough point when it comes to hire products in Corby, and we make sure to discuss our prices with anybody who is interested in our scaffolds. Rather than having one set of fixed prices for every situation, scaffolding prices often change depending on a range of factors, so we can work with you to search for the best (and most affordable) option for your situation.

The search for affordable and practical scaffolds can be simple – you just need to tell us the kind of direction you want to go with your new scaffold. While most designs are fairly interchangeable, there will always be certain details and elements that only specific scaffold types can reliably provide.

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Residential Scaffolding Corby

Our temporary residential scaffolds can be invaluable for any home in Corby, providing a working platform for any smaller building. This allows contractors and labourers to handle inspection, construction, and maintenance much more effectively.

We make sure that every one of our residential scaffold options is suitable for its intended purpose. This means well-braced, easy-to-access, law-compliant scaffolding with no defects or obvious fall hazards. While a residential scaffold platform can usually get by with a smaller maximum load, the materials still need to support the building or home repair project.

Choosing Scaffolding

We have a huge range of options on offer, and it is not always easy to decide which ones would suit you best. We can provide you with a page-by-page breakdown of each scaffolding type we provide, as well as the main benefits and drawbacks of each particular design or type. The more you know about the options you can choose between, the easier it becomes to choose one that suits you.

We will help you pick out the ideal scaffolding option for your project in Corby, making sure to draw on our experience as much as possible. Whatever you are looking for, we can make sure that we provide all of the right material and design options to match your requirements. Our expert staff know what to recommend and how to guide you towards beneficial choices, even if you are not sure what you need yourself.

Commercial Scaffolding Corby

Our Corby commercial scaffolding boasts a higher load capacity, more material thickness, even more falling protection (when working on higher floors), and often additional bridges and ladders. We make sure that all of our commercial scaffold options are erected to the highest possible standard of quality and are able to prevent falls at higher altitudes.

Temporary commercial scaffolding makes it easier to maintain a commercial building, with ladders providing easy access from the ground floor. A larger building may need several scaffolds, all interconnected with scaffold bridges, requiring an expert scaffolder company like us to design something that can form a solid foundation for the rest of your repair, construction, or even demolition work.

Types of Scaffolding

Our scaffolding can come in multiple forms and designs, each of which can be practical for vastly different reasons. Understanding the scaffolds on offer allows you to choose the type that best suits your needs – you can contact our experts if you need help with choosing the right scaffolding option for the job.

Remember that scaffolding is a very varied product. Not all types offer the same benefits, but the designs, layouts, and even the heights of each scaffolding project will completely change the kinds of materials that would work best. Our expert staff can offer their professional opinions and give you a full breakdown of which options might be best for you.

Access Scaffolding Corby

Access scaffolding is perfect for providing easy access to a hard-to-reach area of a building. These are a very temporary option, but they can be invaluable for giving contractors and specialists a more direct route to work on a building without interruption. Safety is a core part of these scaffolds, and we design each one to minimize risk wherever possible.

Suspended Scaffolding Corby

Suspended scaffold platforms are suspended from a roof and can be lowered or raised with chains and/or wire rope. This allows an adjustable above-ground height that can be extremely useful for many kinds of work, allowing the scaffold users to reach different heights without dismantling and rebuilding the scaffold each time.

Trestle Scaffolding Corby

Trestle scaffolding is used inside buildings for easy repairs, maintenance and appliance assembly. These scaffold options usually go only about five meters in height and are a common sight for any kind of internal work that requires the user to have a stable platform several meters off the ground.

Cantilever Scaffolding Corby

Our cantilever scaffolding is used to provide platforms over areas with obstacles that would block a normal scaffold tower. These designs involve very specific instructions and plans, but the end result is a platform designed to hang over an obstruction. These need to be designed very carefully to minimize falling injury risks.

Putlog/Single Scaffold Corby

Putlog scaffolding is mostly used for laying bricks, although it can fit with other tasks just as easily. These are single rows of scaffold standards against a building, allowing for more freedom of movement and platform space without increasing the chances of falls. These require careful construction since rigidity, and falling prevention are incredibly important.

Double Scaffolding Corby

Double scaffolding is a double row of scaffolding often meant for fitting against stone masonry. These are designed with the same standards of falling prevention and general safety but are meant for placing against a stronger material that can’t support single scaffolding.

Steel Scaffolding Corby

Steed scaffolding is constructed of steel tube pieces. This makes the scaffolding fire-resistant and far more durable, with even a basic steel tube design offering more safety and a higher load capacity overall. These often form the basis of modern construction scaffolding designs due to their greater protection and tougher material choices.

Patented Scaffolding Corby

Patented scaffolding is ready-made steel tube scaffolding designed to be adjusted with special couplings, making assembling and dismantling them incredibly easy. This also means that they can be adjusted to match the required height and are perfect for any short-term work or process that only needs scaffolding on-site very briefly.

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What are the 3 types of scaffolds?

There are three types of scaffolds – suspended, support, and aerial. Support scaffolding stands up against a wall, suspended scaffolding hangs down from a building, and aerial scaffolding is a movable unit that often has its own adjustable elevation system.

Is scaffolding a hard job?

Working with scaffolding can be incredibly physically demanding and tough for a person to endure, meaning that good scaffolding options are always going to be beneficial. The more support and protection a scaffolding worker can get, the easier it becomes for them to work for longer periods without exhausting themselves or putting themselves at risk of falls.

What qualifications do scaffolders need?

There are no formal qualifications to become a scaffolder, but the best scaffolders are the people who have pursued relevant qualifications and fields in the past. Scaffolding requires competent experts – even the most basic mistake can result in somebody falling, and a fall onto pavements or other solid surfaces can even be fatal.

What licenses do scaffolders need?

Scaffolders do not require any specific licenses. However, relevant licenses in safety can be important, and the actual scaffolding projects themselves often require a licence of some kind. For example, you would need a licence to install scaffolding on a public highway, no matter how competent you are as a scaffold expert.

Do you have to be strong to be a scaffolder?

Physical strength can help when dealing with scaffolding. Being competent is important, but having the physical strength to avoid a fall and carry out the work effectively is vital. As mentioned before, work on a scaffolding can be incredibly demanding, so more strength and endurance will always make a difference in how safely you can work on a scaffold platform.

What is the most commonly used scaffolding?

The most common kind of scaffolding really depends on what niche or market you are looking at. Most scaffolding is suited for specific purposes more than others, so it is important to remember that not all scaffolding types are suitable for every situation. For example, not all scaffolding can be installed on stone or brick walls due to the toughness of the surface.

Choosing the most common or popular types of scaffolding is not always the best idea. Every project is different, and some tasks or types of work require a certain level of protection, added stability, or even just specific designs to match with the surfaces you are working on.


If you are looking for a good team of experts to offer reliable scaffolding options, then you have come to the right group. We understand how to handle scaffolding all across the UK and can provide any Corby residences orĀ businesses with a varied range of scaffold options suited to their exact situation.

Our competent and experienced staff know how to approach each project as a bespoke piece of work, talking with our clients to make sure we know every relevant detail. Scaffold requirements, limits on prices, the amount of free space on the site – we can take all of this into account when picking out the best scaffold options for your needs.

If you want to talk to some of our experts for yourself, use the contact form here or get in touch through one of our many direct contact options. Our site holds all of the added information you might need to understand the basics of what we offer, but we are more than happy to discuss the specific details in person.

Have any questions about what we offer and how our services work? Talk to one of our experts to learn more.

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